Adding an Australia-wide Region

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Adding Regions to your Company is the second step in any domestic shipping setup, and depending on your shipping rate calculations the necessary number of entries could range from as low as 1 up to a few hundred. For this example we'll be taking the simplest approach which is a single region to cover the entirety of Australia.

Please note, this setup is only useful if you calculate the shipping costs the same way no matter where in Australia the products are being shipped to. If this doesn't match your shipping situation you will find links to other examples at the bottom of this article, but if you are just experimenting with the Shipping component this is a great starting point.


To keep this article simple and easy to understand, we won't explain how to add Shipping Companies here, however one will need to be added before the example in this article can be followed.

Shipping Company
Setting up the Shipping Company is a quick and easy step, you can review the Adding a Shipping Company article for instructions on how to do this.

Adding the Shipping Region

  1. On the Shipping Overview page you'll find a list of the Shipping Companies that have been added so far. Click on the "Add Region" button for the new company you added.
  2. You'll need to complete all the fields on this page as follows:
    • Country: Select Australia.
    • State: For this example you can select any State from the list.
    • Region Name: This is the label for the Region, enter Australia into this field.
    • Start Post Code: Enter 0 into this field, this is the beginning of the post code range covered by this Region.
    • End Post Code: Enter 9999 into this field, this is the end of the post code range covered by this Region.
  3. Click on Add to finish adding the region.

The end result here is that a new Region has been added to the Shipping Company called Australia which covers post codes 0 to 9999. Regions are generally classified by state which is useful when many regions are entered, but it is simply an organisational feature and your selection won't affect how the shipping rates are calculated.

Next Steps

Now that you have a shipping company with a single Australia-wide region, you can setup either flat rate or weight based shipping for that region:

If the above shipping calculation methods aren't what you have in mind, you can consider one of the following region setups instead:

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