Adding a Shipping Company

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Adding a new Shipping Company is the first step when setting up the shipping rates for your website. Once you add a Shipping Company, such as Australia Post, you then enter all the rate information specific to that company which is used to calculate the rates for different regions of Australia, or other countries.

Shipping Companies are very easy to add, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click New Company
  2. The following 8 fields should be completed when initially adding a company. If a tracking number is added to a customer's order, they will receive this information so they can track the order:
    • Company Name: Enter the Shipping Company name here.
    • Email: Enter the company email address which handles tracking information requests.
    • Phone: The customer support phone number.
    • Address: Head office street address.
    • State: Head office state.
    • Country: Head office country, though generally you should specify the Australian head office.
    • Post Code: Head office post code.
    • URL: Enter the URL of the web page the customers can use to track their order online.
  3. Click on Add Company and you're done.

Next Steps

Now that you've added a Shipping Company, the next step is to add the Shipping Regions which are used to provide different shipping rates to different Australian destinations. One of the following examples will be suitable for most methods of shipping calculation:

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