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There are many ways to display content from the News component on your website, but for this article we will just be looking at how to insert a simple list of news articles from a specific category. Even though we are just looking at a single way of inserting news content, there are a variety of options to modify that affect how many articles are shown, what articles are shown, what information about the articles is shown, as well as including extra functionality like commenting.

Below we'll go through how to insert Mintox News content onto your website and cover the options used most commonly, but before we get to that we'll briefly have to discuss placeholders.

What are Placeholders?

Placeholders are inserted onto pages in Mintox to basically say "when this page is loaded, display content X in place of this placeholder". It literally holds the place for the actual content, which is generated and shown when viewing the page on the front-end, ensuring the latest content from your components is available.

In this example, the "content X" would be the articles from the Mintox News component.

Adding the News Placeholder

For this example we'll assume the placeholder is being inserted on a page called News in the Mintox Web Pages component and we want to list articles in the category called Technology, but it can be inserted anywhere that has a WYSIWYG editor with the placeholder button.

  1. In the WYSIWYG editor, place your cursor where you would like the News content to be inserted and click on the Insert Placeholder button.
  2. Select News from the Select Mintox Component menu
  3. Select Advanced News Placeholder from the Select Placeholder menu
  4. At the end of this article you'll find links to pages explaining all the available options, but for now simply complete the following fields:
    • News Category: In our example we would select Technology here, this is the category of news that will appear here when the page is loaded.
    • Items to Display: Enter the amount of news articles to be displayed. If the total number of articles exceeds this number, the remaining articles will only be accessible if paging is enabled.
    • Sort by: Use this field to set how the news articles should be ordered, Published Date (Newest to Oldest) is the most commonly used option.
  5. Click on OK then save your page.

That's it, if you view the page you edited on the front-end of your website now you will see the articles from the chosen category along with short description, date added and the thumbnail, if present.

If you would like additional information about each of the options available while inserting this placeholder, refer to Advanced News Placeholder for more information.

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