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This placeholder allows you to insert a list of news almost anywhere on your website, whether it's a full detailed list of articles, or a small list of the most recent 3 headlines.

Advanced News Placeholder

There are four sections to be completed for this placeholder:

General Settings

  • News Category: Select the specific category of news to be displayed by this placeholder, or choose to show all articles.
  • Items to Display: Enter the number of entries that should be shown per page.
  • Sort By: Select the order the articles should be sorted by.

Display Settings

  • Headline: Checking this will display the name of the news article in the news listing. This field is highly recommended.
  • Published Date: This will display the value from the Published Date field alongside this article.
  • Author: This will display a link to the author so users can see other articles by this author, as well as other information about the author.
  • Short Description: The short description for the article will be included if this is checked.
  • Image: This will display the thumbnail for the article. The featured and master images can also be shown, but if you're unfamiliar with these options just stick with thumbnail.
  • Read More Link: Checking this includes a Read More link which leads to the full article.
  • Comment Count: The comment count will state how many comments exist for this article, and clicking the comment count will take the user to the comments. The specific text displayed is specified below in the Comments Settings.
  • Tag Links: This will display the list of tags associated with the article, clicking a tag will take a user to page with all the content related to that tag.
  • Category Link: Checking this will display a link to the category associated with the article.
  • Top/Bottom Pager: These options will include paging at the top and/or bottom of the article list. If you have more articles than you are displaying per page, and you would like those articles to be accessible, at least one page must be enabled.
  • RSS Feed: Checking this will include a link to the RSS Feed for the news content.
  • Master Article: Checking this option will include the article marked as the Master Article in the list of news articles, if the article is in the selected categories.
  • Feature Article: Checking this option will include any articles marked as Featured Articles in the list of news articles, if the article is in the selected categories.

Comments Settings

These settings only apply if you have enabled Comment Count under Display Settings.

  • No Comments: This is the text that will be shown when no comments have been left for this article. The default value of 0 Comments is generally acceptable, but it could be changed to "No Comments", or "Be the first to comment!", or anything else you like.
  • One Comment: This is the text that appears when there is one comment, the default value of 1 Comment is most commonly used.
  • Multiple Comments: This text appears when there is more than 1 comment on the article, the {0} is used in place of the number of comments. The default value of {0} Comments is most commonly used.

RSS Settings

These settings only apply if you have enabled RSS Feed under Display Settings.

  • Feed Title: Enter a concise descriptive title for your RSS Feed.
  • Feed Description: Enter a description for your RSS Feed here to fully explain what content this RSS Feed displays.
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