Adding News Categories and Authors to a Web Page

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Now that you have added all your categories and articles, how do you make them appear on your website? If you just have one category you could take a look at Adding the News to a Web Page, but if you have several categories and authors and want to have them all accessible from a single page, there is another option.

If you have Mintox Customers and Members and aren't familiar with authors, take a look at Authors for further information, otherwise contact support if you are interested in enabling Customers and Members.

Below we'll go through how to insert the category and author listing onto your website, but before we get to that we'll briefly have to discuss placeholders.

What are Placeholders?

Placeholders are inserted onto pages in Mintox to basically say "when this page is loaded, display content X in place of this placeholder". It literally holds the place for the actual content, which is generated and shown when viewing the page on the front-end, ensuring the latest content from your components is available.

In this example, the "content X" would be the categories and authors in the Mintox News component.

Adding the News Placeholder

For this example we'll assume the placeholder is being inserted on a page called News in the Mintox Web Pages component and we want to list all categories and authors, but it can be inserted anywhere that has a WYSIWYG editor with the placeholder button.

  1. In the WYSIWYG editor, place your cursor where you would like the category and author list to be inserted and click on the Insert Placeholder button.
  2. Select News from the Select Mintox Component menu
  3. Select News Filters from the Select Placeholder menu
  4. At the end of this article you'll find links to pages explaining all the available options, but for now simply complete the following fields:
    • Categories: Check this box, and optionally rename it. The new name chosen will only affect the text on the current page.
    • Authors: Check this box, and optionally rename it. The new name chosen will only affect the text on the current page.
    • Note: You can re-order these 2 items if you would prefer the author list to come first.
  5. Click on OK then save your page.

That's it, if you view the page you edited on the front-end of your website now you will see a list of all the categories and authors from the Mintox News component, if they have articles assigned to them.

If you would like additional information about each of the options available while inserting this placeholder, refer to News Filters for more information.

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