News Filters Placeholder

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The News Filters placeholder can be used to provide users with a list of news categories, authors or month/year so they can narrow down the selection of articles. This is generally inserted alongside a full list of articles and is used to "filter" the list down to show only what the user is interested in.

The News Filters Placeholder

There are two main sections when setting up this placeholder:

General Settings
Under General Settings you will see a list containing Categories, Authors and Archive. You can check the box next to each of these to include them on the page, they can be re-ordered into any order you prefer, and you can also rename them however you see fit.

For each section that is ticked, the heading will appear on the front-end of the website and is followed by the list of links for relevant categories, authors etc. If you choose to rename any particular item, then the new name will be used as the heading for that section.

Display Settings
If you check the Show Author Photo option, then the photo assigned to each author will also appear in the list under the Authors heading. For consistency, it's a good idea to only use this feature if all of your authors have images.

Checking Set rel="nofollow" will result in search engines not following links to any of these pages, meaning they won't browse the pages and index them, crawl for further links to index etc. This is an SEO related decision and it's important to note that using rel="nofollow" here will only be effective if no other links to these pages exist without a rel="nofollow" tag.

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