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While uploading your files you will see a section called Notification Settings, this is where you can choose to send a notification regarding this file upload. You can also setup automatic notifications so you don't need to send notifications manually each time.

Sending Upload Notifications Manually

There are 2 options for sending out notifications, one will send a notification to all members assigned to the current folder, and the other will allow you to notify specific members only. Both processes are almost the same, but if you're notifying specific members only there is an extra step at the start.

  1. Select either:
    • Notify all members that are assigned to this folder that there are new files, or
    • Notify selected members
  2. If you selected "Notify selected members", a modal box will open listing the members assigned to the current folder. Check the box for each member that you wish to notify about this file upload and click OK. The members you selected will be listed in the Contact Name area below Notification row.
  3. For Notification Type you can choose either:
    • Scheduled Notification: This option allows you to select one of the existing Automatic Notifications and send it instantly with information about this upload.
    • New Instant Notification: This option allows you to send a notification and customise it as required, based on the notification template on the Configuration page.
  4. Unless you chose the Scheduled Notification option, you need to complete the following fields:
    • From Email Address: This is the email address your notification will come from.
    • Email Subject: This is the text that will appear in the subject line.
    • Notification Text: This is the email that will be sent to your notification recipients, and you can enter the following terms into the email body to insert information about the recipient or files uploaded:
      • %RecipientName%: Insert this in place of the recipients name, when the notification is sent the recipients will not see this text, they will see their name in its place.
      • %FileCount%: Similar to the above, insert this text where you would like to total number of files uploaded to appear.
      • %UploadedFilesList%: To insert a summary of the files uploaded, including file names, location, size etc., inside this text at the location you would like this summary to appear.
  5. Complete the remaining fields as required and click Upload, and your notification will be sent once the upload is complete.

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