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The Configuration page contains some important options which are generally setup when your website first goes live, but there's also a couple options that you may wish to modify occasionally. Below we'll go through each of the available options.

Configuration Options

Disable Download Vault
This option will hide all files when viewing the Download Vault via the front-end of your website and is generally used when a file is uploaded which should not have been. In case locating such files will take a while, this option can be enabled until the files are located and removed.

Default Email Subject and Message
These are the default values that appear in the Email Subject and Message fields when sending upload notifications. If you use the same or similar email subject and body for most of your notifications, you should update these fields with those values to save time when sending notifications.

Root Folder Name
The Root Folder Name appears in all Download Vault breadcrumbs on the front-end of your website and also in Mintox. This can be customised if desired.

Allow Add Folder to Root
Checking this option will allow all logged in users to create a folder at the root level of the Download Vault, and it will automatically have Read and Upload permissions assigned to the current users group.

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