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Do you regularly send notifications to your customers when new files are uploaded? Or perhaps you would like to send an email once a day with a summary of new files? The Mintox Download Vault provides you with the option of setting up notifications such as these to be sent automatically at the time of upload or at regular intervals.

Setting up Automatic Notifications

To get started, click on the Manage Notification button in the Download Vault, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on Add Notification to add a new one, or click on one of the edit buttons if you need to update an existing notification.
  2. Complete or Update each of the following fields:
    • Notification Name: This is your own name for this notification, it will not be included in the emails that are sent.
    • From Email Address: Enter the email address that you want to appear in the sender field for these notifications.
    • Email Subject: This is the subject line that will be used for the notification email.
    • Notification Text: This is where you need to enter the main text for your notification, and you can enter the following terms into the email body to insert information about the recipient or files uploaded:
      • %RecipientName%: Insert this in place of the recipients name, when the notification is sent the recipients will not see this text, they will see their name in its place.
      • %FileCount%: Similar to the above, insert this text where you would like the total number of files uploaded to appear.
      • %UploadedFilesList%: To insert a summary of the files uploaded, including file names, location, size etc., insert this text at the location you would like this summary to appear.
    • Notification Recurrence: Choose if you would like the notifications to be sent at the time of upload or once per day.
      Note: If you are editing a notification, this field cannot be modified.
    • Time: If you chose Daily above, select what time each day you would like the notification to be sent.
  3. Click Save and you're finished.

Now whenever files are uploaded into the Download Vault, you will either receive a notification immediately, or you will receive a daily summary of all the files uploaded in the 24 hours prior to the notification, based on your selection.

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