Introduction to Discounts

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With Mintox Discounts you can offer your customers discounted pricing on your products, whether it be site-wide discounts, specific products or product combinations, or coupon codes which provide certain discounts at the checkout. The discounts are completely customisable, and you even limit them to new customers only to increase your member base, or to existing customers to promote repeat purchases.

Common Discounts

Below you'll find some common discounts that are simple to setup and can be easily modified to suit your needs. Pick the discount that's similar to what you're trying to setup and follow the instructions, making your own adjustments where necessary.

If you don't have a specific discount in mind, try setting up the Buy 2 Get 1 Free discount just to see how easy it is.

  • Buy 2 and get 1 free
    If a customer adds 2 particular products to their cart they will only pay for 1 of them.
  • Buy 5 and get 10% off
    If a customer buys 5 or more of a specific product they'll receive a 10% discount on those items.
  • Buy product A and B for $XX
    If a customer buys a specific combination of products they will receive a dollar or percentage based discount. This is an excellent discount for promoting the purchase of product accessories.
  • Buy product A and get product B free
    If a customer buys a specific product, another product will be added to their cart automatically at no cost.
  • 10% off all products
    This discount applies a 10% discount to all products.
  • Coupon code for $20 off
    This discount applies a $20 discount if the user enters the coupon code during the checkout.
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