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This article explains how to setup a coupon code which a customer can use unlimited times to receive a $20 discount if their order value exceeds $80. The discount amount and the minimum spend is easily changed, you can also limit the coupon to specific membership groups and customise the dates for which the coupon is active.

Setting up the Discount

  1. Click on Coupons, and then click on Add Coupon to begin.
  2. There are 5 main fields you need to complete for this type of discount:
    1. Discount Name: When this discount is applied to a user's cart the Name of the discount will appear there along with the appropriate discount. You should enter a short succinct name that explains the discount to the user. For this type of discount, simply enter Coupon for $20 Off, or something similar.
    2. Discount Type: There is only one available option at the this time, so select Order Discount.
    3. Discount Amount: Leave the dropdown menu as Amount and enter 20 into the input field. This sets the discount to $20.
    4. Minimum Purchase: Click the Amount button, this enables the Minimum Purchase function. Then enter 80 into the $ field, this limits use of the coupon to orders with a minimum cart value of $80.
    5. Usage: Enter 80OFF into this field, or anything else you would prefer to use for the coupon code, and leave Limit Usage unchecked. This will attempt to apply the discount only after 80OFF is entered into the coupon field, and it can be used unlimited times.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click the Save button and the discount is now in effect.

Other Discount Types

If this isn't the exact discount you were after you can feel free to customise the settings, or you can review one of the other common discount types:

  • Buy 2 and get 1 free
    If a customer adds 2 particular products to their cart they will only pay for 1 of them.
  • Buy 5 and get 10% off
    If a customer buys 5 or more of a specific product they'll receive a 10% discount on those items.
  • Buy product A and B for $XX
    If a customer buys a specific combination of products they will receive a dollar or percentage based discount. This is an excellent discount for promoting the purchase of product accessories.
  • Buy product A and get product B free
    If a customer buys a specific product, another product will be added to their cart automatically at no cost.
  • 10% off all products
    This discount applies a 10% discount to all products.
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