Adding News Categories

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Mintox News categories are one of the main options for organising the news articles on your website, and as you'll see below it's very simple to add new categories.

Adding a News Category

To add a new category, click on Add Category and follow the steps below:

  1. These fields are required when adding a category:
    • Category Name: Enter the name of your new category here, this will be visible in your website content.
    • Category Title: The category title is displayed in the browser tab or title bar while viewing this category.
    • Content: Enter the name of your category here and apply Heading 1 formatting to it. This is a minimum just to ensure that when users view this page the Category Name is displayed as a title at the top of the page. You are not limited to a short description though, you can add any content you like.
  2. Click on Save and that's it.

The category has now been added to your website. For an overview of all the fields available on this page, refer to News Category Field Overview.

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