News Category Field Overview

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Below you will find an explanation for each of the fields found on the News Category page.

  • Category Name
    This value is shown in category listings, and may also appear in the URL while viewing this category or news articles from this category. It is important to enter a short succinct Category Name that gives your users an accurate idea of what content this category contains.
  • Category Title
    The Category Title appears at the top of the the browser when viewing the page, like where your browser shows "News Category Field Overview" while viewing this page. Generally, the Category Title should match the Category Name, however it may vary between websites. Check some of your existing categories to see how they are setup, or contact support for further information.

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  • Content
    The content you enter here will appear at the top of the page, above the listing of news articles within this category. As a minimum, you should enter the Category Name into this field and apply Heading 1 formatting to it. After that, you can optionally add further information about this category.
  • Meta Keywords and Description
    A meta keywords tag is supposed to be a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your page. Pick the 6 or 10 terms that most accurately describe the content of the page. If you can't narrow your keyword list down to 6 or 10 keywords, then the content on your page may be to broad.

    Similar to the Meta Keywords the meta description tag is intended to be a brief and concise summary of your page's content. When you write a meta description tag, you should limit it to 170 characters or 200 characters at most.

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  • Open Graph
    Open Graph fields affect how this page appears when shared on social media. For example, if someone shares this page and you have completed the fields below, then when the shared page appears on Facebook, for example, the Title, Description and Image shown will match what you enter into the fields below:
    • Title
      This should match the Category Name, however you can vary it if you feel a different name might suit social media better.
    • Description
      Similar to the title, the description entered into the Content field could be entered here. However, if you have a particularly long description all the text may not be visible, so writing a short succinct description here would be beneficial.
    • Image
      If you have an image which helps to communicate what this page is about, you should specify it here. Otherwise, you can consider other imagery that represents your branding.
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