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Now that you have your categories, it's time to start filling them with news articles. As you'll see below, adding news content through Mintox is very easy.

Adding a News Article

To add a news article, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Add News Article
  2. Only 4 fields are required when adding a news article:
    • News Heading: Enter a short, descriptive title for this article. This value is displayed in news article lists and is often included in the page URL.
    • Category: Select which category this article should be assigned to.
    • Article Introduction: The article introduction appears in news article lists, it's a preview of the article to get the users attention and make them interested in the main article.
    • Complete Article: This is where you enter the full content of your article, this content is only visible after a user has clicked on your news article.
  3. The following fields are not required, but are recommended:
    • Display Date: Displaying the date an article was added can show your readers how regularly you articles are posted, so they come back regularly to check for new articles.
    • Thumbnail Image: The article thumbnail appears in news listings and can liven up the page a bit, especially if there is are other images on the page. It is most useful if the images are related to the article.
    • Schedule Article: This feature can be used to schedule when an article comes online and/or goes offline. The most common use for this feature is to write articles ahead of time, and schedule them to come online at a later date, usually at regular intervals.
  4. Click Save and that's it.

The article has now been added to your website. For an overview of all the fields available on this page, refer to News Article Field Overview.

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