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Folders are the core of the Download Vault, they organise and secure your files so only the appropriate users can access them. In this article we'll go over the basics of adding folders to your Download Vault.

For this example we'll add a new folder called Documents to the root of the Download Vault and provide everyone with read access. Adding the folder to the root of the Download Vault generally means it is one of the first folders a user will see. Providing everyone with read access means that any website user, logged in or not, will be able to see and download the files uploaded into this folder.

Adding a New Folder

  1. Navigate to the root of your Download Vault and then click on New Folder. Not sure if you're viewing the root? Take a look at the page title, if it reads "Download Vault - Root Folder" you're in the right place, otherwise click on View Folders & Files and you'll be taken to the root.
  2. The main fields to complete when adding a folder are the Name and Permissions, but we'll cover the other 2 fields as well:
    • Parent Folder: This field states where the folder will be added. Since you're adding a folder to the root it will generally say "Download Vault/", unless the "Download Vault" on your website has been renamed to something else.
    • Folder Name: Enter the name of your folder here, for this example type in Documents.
    • Folder Description: The contents of this field are only viewable in Mintox, feel free to add any admin only comments here.
    • Permissions: This is where you can specify which users, public or members, can view or upload files, create or delete folders, and perform various other actions. For our example, simply click on the + sign next to Public and the other folders (other folders will only be present if membership groups have been added in Customers & Members).

      After clicking the + a list of membership groups will appear beneath each folder and each row will have a set of checkboxes. For every row that appeared, check the checkbox in the "Read" column. This means all the groups listed will have permission to Read the contents of this folder.
  3. Click on "Add Folder" and that's it.

Now that you've created a folder, the next step is to upload some files into it. Take a look at Uploading Files next.

Next Steps

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