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The Download Vault allows you to customise the permissions on each Download Vault folder by assigning member groups to each Download Vault function individually. You can have customers who see and download files only, users who can upload files, or users that can download and upload files and also delete existing files, just to name a few combinations.

The Permissions

Below you'll find each of the 9 functionalities that can be assigned to your member groups or the public users.

When permissions are added to a folder they aren't necessarily applied to sub-folders too. When you choose to create a new folder it will default to the same permissions as the parent folder but you are free to adjust these permissions as you see fit.

Note: The Public group may only be assigned the Read and Upload permissions.

  • Read
    By assigning the Read permission to a member group you are granting members of that group permission to see the current folder and to see and download the contents of this folder.
  • New Folder
    This permission allows members to create new folders within the current folder. The folders they create will have the same permissions that the current folder has at the time the folder was created.

    For example, if a front-end user creates a sub-folder, and later on you change the permissions of the current folder, the sub-folder permissions will not be affected.
  • Remove File
    Members with this permission assigned to them are allowed to delete files from the current folder.
  • Remove Folder & Sub Folders
    Members with this permission assigned to them will be able to delete folders, including any sub-folders.
  • Upload
    If a member group is granted Upload permission they will see an Upload button while viewing the current folder, when they click this button a new window will open showing an interface similar to the Upload page in Mintox Download Vault.

    The features displayed in the Upload Window vary based on the permissions selected here. If you only choose Upload, then users will be able to select files and upload them into the current folder but they won't be visible initially. An administrator would need to make the files visible after reviewing them.

    As each of the following permissions are assigned, additional options will become available in the Upload Window.
  • Overwrite
    This permission will allow users to upload files that have the same name as existing files which will overwrite them, deleting the old file.
  • Visible
    Members with this permission assigned will see a checkbox called Visible which, if checked, means the files they upload will be visible in the Download Vault automatically without administrator interaction.
  • Encryption
    This permission will allow members to upload folders and choose to encrypt them for additional security.
  • Notification
    If a member has this permission they will be able to send out notifications about the upload.
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