Check File Download History

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The Download Vault logs each time a file is downloaded, and you can review these logs to see who downloaded your files and when. To access this information for a particular file, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the particular file that you'd like to check the download history for, or if you're just learning the system any file will do.
  2. In the column labeled Log there will be a number, this is the number of times the file has been downloaded. Click on the number for further information.
  3. After clicking the number in the Log column you'll be taken to a page which lists each file download with the date and time of the download, the name and email of the user, and the number of times that particular user has downloaded the file.

In addition to logging individual downloads, there is also a log of all the changes made to files in the Download Vault, including when files are uploaded, deleted, moved etc. For more information about these logs, refer to Check File History.

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