Upgrades to Web Pages, Download Vault, and more


If you use Mintox daily to update and manage your website, you may have noticed a few changes in the latest release, Version 5.9.2. Here we outline some of those updates.

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Web Pages - editing a page in Mintox looks a bit different

Tabs - We've introduced Tabs to enable you to set any optional and advanced properties per page, whilst simplifying the main add/edit page options. 

Page Created and Modified Details - We've moved the creation and author timestamps up out of the way - see highlighted area in screenshot below

Set as Draft - This option has moved to nearer the top of the add/edit page screen

Here's a screenshot where we've highlighted changed areas:

Custom sections of a webpage

If in your website you have the ability to edit specific custom areas per web page, for example bespoke right/left column content, or a hero banner for that page (etc.), you'll find this content in the new Advanced Options tab.

Open Graph for web pages (social sharing)

Just like with News articles, you can now customise the heading, description and image that social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn will show when people post your page's link there. Read more about Open Graph here.

Download Vault - New Uploader

You can now take advantage of a new uploader when uploading files to the Download Vault in Mintox. We've updated our Knowledgebase article on this topic so you can read about some of the improved functionality.

Products - Images tab

Now when adding images to your products, clicking Browse to find/upload your image will take you to your website's File Browser Image section. It might be you've already uploaded the image in the past, in which case you can look for it here. Otherwise simply upload a new image from your computer into the File Browser here and select it.

Product images that have very small pixel dimensions (below 100 x 100 pixels) are now highlighted with red text. This helps you spot images that you might wish to replace with higher quality images. If you work with a Digital Marketing team to deliver products to the Google Shopping feed, you'll want to pay attention to this and ensure you've assigned high quality images to your products.

To explore more of Mintox you can search or browse the Knowledgebase. We also highlight some changes in our Blog and list detailed Release Notes.

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