Mintox - Adaptive e-Business Software

Make money online with Mintox. Setup an e-Commerce Store, Accept Credit Cards, Manage documents, contacts and website and build your business online.

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Mintox is a new generation of web software that adapts to your skills and requirements.

Mintox offers 7 Solutions

  1. Website Creation and Deployment - Setup websites in seconds
  2. Content Management System - Easy to use CMS
  3. Lead Generation and Sales Tracking - Track your sales process
  4. Customer Relationship & Member Management - Manage your users
  5. Document Management and Sharing - Share documents quickly
  6. Community Collaboration - Build share knowledge and communicate
  7. Shopping Cart & E-Commerce - Create a passive income stream 

Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced web developer, it lets you build websites incredibly fast.

Its power is in the intuitive way it works. Choose the features and functions you want and combine them to create a website as simple or complex as your business needs.

The secret of this amazing versatility is that Mintox is not just one system. It is a family of interlocking systems, called Mintox Components. They combine to form an organic structure that grows and evolves, yet still allows you complete control.

Here are just some examples of what you can do by bringing different Components together

  • get a new website up and running in hours
  • update and edit your website content
  • manage all your customer or membership data
  • develop a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capability
  • create an online store
  • offer secure credit card payments
  • operate an order fulfilment facility
  • build an inventory and stock control system

The immediate business benefits of choosing Mintox include

  • dramatic reduction in time needed to build and deploy your website
  • improved collaboration between your business managers and technical specialists
  • exceptional scalability, reliability and performance
  • less time spent solving technology issues
  • more time for strategy development

Mintox is suitable for organisations of any size, in any industry Contact us for more information.


  • Browsers
    Internet Explorer 7.0+ Firefox 2.0+ Safari 3.5+ Opera 9.5+ Chrome 4+
  • OS
    Windows Apple Mac Linux

Built using Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework, SQL Server 2008 and IIS7

Mintox® , another product from Clue Design - Australia