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To make the text on your site appear correctly you have to use the correct styles on your text. If you don't, the styles which have been made specifically for your site will not be applied to your text and the site will appear very plain and/or messy. To apply a style to your text you have to select the text and then choose a style from the "Format" dropdown menu in the WYSIWYG Editor. The main formats to use are Heading 1, Heading 2 and Normal. Heading 1 is used for your main headings, Heading 2 is used for the sub-headings and Normal is used for all normal text.

These are the available formats as listed in the Format menu:

Normal - <p></p> - Standard style for the main text on a page.

Heading 1 - <h1></h1> - The Most Important Heading, all page headings use Heading 1. This is the largest style, so it is easily identified. Heading 1 is critical for good Search Engine Rankings.

Heading 2 - <h2></h2> - 2nd Most Important Heading, this is commonly used for all sub-headings on the page.

Heading 3 - <h3></h3> - 3nd Most Important Heading.

Heading 4 - <h4></h4> - 4nd Most Important Heading.

Heading 5 - <h5></h5> - 5nd Most Important Heading (Generally Quite Small).

Heading 6 - <h6></h6> - 6nd Most Important Heading (Very Small).

Formatted - <pre></pre> - Use when the content refers to code or a script.

Address - <address></address> - Use when referring to an address.

Normal (DIV) - <div></div> - Formats the paragraph or DIV (divisions in the content). If you don't know what this means it's best to just use the "Normal" format.

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