Creating a Members Only page

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To create a page that only your members' can see you need to create the page and then use the "Page Display Settings" to customise who can view the page. In our example we are going to add a new page called "Member News" and give our members access to the page but not allow the public to view it. Our first step is to name our page:

Add your content to the Page Content field and continue down to the Page Display Settings.

Expand the Members folder so we can view our membership groups.

Note: On your website the folder may be named differently. The folders and groups are setup in the Customers & Members component.

After expanding the Members folder we can see each of the membership groups that are in that folder.

Now we need to specify which groups can access the page. Deselect "Public Group" first since the public should not have access.

Now select each membership group that should have access to this page.

We are going to place the "Member News" page onto the main menu for our members so they can always see it on the menu when they are browsing the website. The Page Status is already set to "Online" so we don't need to adjust that, we just need to set the Page Location to "Top Level" so it appears on the main menu.

Now if we save the page there will be a new link on the menu called "Member News" for any member who logs into the website but the public users who are not logged in will not see the page.

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