Adding a Fav Icon on Your Site

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Fav Icon is a small image (16X16 pixels), displayed in the browser's address bar and next to page name in a list of bookmarks. This is a good way to brand your site and increase it's prominence in your visitor's bookmark menu.


To add a Fav Icon on your site using Mintox Web Pages component.


Fav Icon should be in '.ico' format for it to be uploaded in Mintox.


  1. Choose an image you want to appear as Fav icon on your site. Please ensure the image is in either of this formats:gif, jpg, png or bmp and file size less than 150Kb
  2. Then click on the link provide below to generate the Fav Icon in '.ico' format.
  3. Click on 'Browse' button as show below and look for the image selected in Step 1 from your computer

  4. Once you have selected the image, click on 'Create Icon' button as seen in the image below:

  5. This will create a 'Download FavIcon' button. Click on this, to download the Fav Icon

  6. Sign into Mintox ( Open up the Web Pages component.

  7. Click on the 'Configuration' button

  8. You will now see a screen similar to the one below. Click on 'Browse...' button next to 'Fav Icon:' field and select the Fav Icon you downloaded in step 5
  9. Click 'Save and Close' at the bottom of the page

  10. Fav Icon has now been added for your site. It should appear as below:

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