Introduction to Form Builder

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Form Builder enables you to set up online forms for collecting information. You can build multiple forms and use Web Pages to add them dynamically to different pages of your site.

Form Builder can be used to create virtually any kind of form such as Contact and Enquiry Forms, Surveys, Questionnaires, Job Applications, Newsletter sign ups and more. 

The range of fields available include:

  • Text fields (including email and phone validation options)
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown option fields
  • Comment / Long Text fields
  • Date picker
  • Anti-spam security shield
  • Upload File(s) option (so users can attach documents/images etc.)

Each field you add to your form has its own settings such as whether it’s required, what error message should appear if the user fails to complete it, the name of the field, and more. 

How do I access the Form Builder component?

To access the Form Builder component you will need to click on the Form Builder icon on the component bar (near the top of your screen).

Email Configuration

You can also configure emails so that the user is notified with a copy of their form (optional) and/or a thank you message, and one or more email addresses at your organisation can receive a copy of the form submitted. 

Dropdown fields offer more advanced email functionality, whereby the value selected by the user can be set to dictate which administration email address receives a copy of that form. A good use case for this is where you have different teams, for instance regional offices, that handle different types of enquiries. The user selects their enquiry type and the relevant team gets the email notification with user details.

Further Functionality

  • Duplicate existing forms with one click
  • Download all form submissions for each form in one click, in a CSV file for analysis in Excel and other applications 
  • Forms can be utilised to deliver even more advanced functionality when working with a developer, such as calculations, auto-population of fields based on behaviours, location proximity (e.g. User enters their address and relevant values are returned based on distance to their address) and more.
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