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When inserting the Download Vault onto a page there is a variety of options you can modify, such as only showing particular folders, or hiding certain functions or columns of information. If your website was designed with the Download Vault then it is likely already visible on the front-end of your website, but you can still insert the Download Vault on additional pages if you wish.

An example of this is when you have a variety of documents (or other files) in your Download Vault and instead of having users go to the only Download Vault page and browse the folders for what they want, you can instead insert a small section of the Download Vault on a variety of pages that relate to the page content.

Below we'll go through how to insert the Download Vault onto your website and cover a few different options available, but before we get to that we'll briefly have to discuss placeholders.

What are Placeholders?

Placeholders are inserted onto pages in Mintox to basically say "when this page is loaded, display content X in place of this placeholder". It literally holds the place for the actual content, which is generated and shown when viewing the page on the front-end, ensuring the latest content from your components is available.

In this example, the "content X" would be a listing of the files in your Download Vault.

Adding the Download Vault Placeholder

For this example we'll assume the placeholder is being inserted on a page called Download Vault in the Mintox Web Pages component, but it can be inserted anywhere that has a WYSIWYG editor with the placeholder button.

  1. In the WYSIWYG editor, place your cursor where you would like the Download Vault content to be inserted and click on the Insert Placeholder button
  2. Select Download Vault from the Select Mintox Component menu
  3. Select Advanced Folders & File Listing from the Select Placeholder menu
  4. At the end of this article you'll find links to pages explaining all the available options, but for now simply check the following boxes:
    1. Display Search Area
    2. Display List Header
    3. Display Icon and Name
    4. Display Total Files in Folder
  5. Click on OK then save your page

That's it, if you view the page you edited on the front-end of your website now you will see the folders in the root level of the Download Vault there, along with a search field.

If you would like additional information about each of the options available while inserting this placeholder, refer to Advanced Folders & Files Listing for more information.

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