Coupon and Discounts Field Overview

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Below you will find a complete list of the fields found when adding and editing coupons and discounts, along with an explanation of each field. If you still have any questions after reviewing the information below please contact Support for further information.

  • Discount Name - Required
    The value entered here will be displayed on the Cart page when the discount has been applied, so ensure the name accurately describes the discount to your customers.
  • Admin Notes
    These are non-public notes regarding the discount.
  • Public Description
    The description appears below the discount name on the Cart page, and is used to add more information about the discount should the Name field not be enough.
  • Permissions
    Using permissions, you can restrict the discount so it can only be used by new customers, existing customers, specific member groups, or a combination of these.
  • Discont Type
    At this time the only option here is Order Discount, and choosing this option will make the following three fields appear.
  • Discount Amount
    Here you set how much of a discount is applied to the order, and set whether or not the value is a percentage of the total, or a specific dollar amount.
  • Minimum Purchase
    Sometimes customers must spend a minimum amount in order to qualify for a discount, and this is what the Minimum Purchase field is for. Simply check the Amount box, and enter the minimum cart value that must be reached before the discount can be applied.
  • Maximum Purchase
    If you are using a single discount on your website, this field generally won't be used. The Maximum Purchase comes into play when you implement multiple discounts, with varying Discount Amounts based on the cart value.

    For example, you could create a 5% discount where the Minimum Purchase is $50 and the Maximum Purchase is $199.99. You could then create a 10% discount where the Minimum Purchase is $200 and the Maximum Purchase is $499.99, and so on.
  • Valid Dates
    These fields are used to control if the discount is always active, only active between certain dates, or not currently valid. Always Valid and Not Currently Active are self explanatory, and the Valid From fields can be used to set a Start and End date for the discount. Simply choose the first day which the discount is valid on in the first date selector, and choose the last day which the discount is valid on in the second date selector. Doing so will cause the discount to automatically become valid/invalid as each date is reached.
  • Usage
    This is where you control whether this discount is automatically applied to all applicable shopping carts, or if customers must enter a Coupon Code to receive the discount. Leaving the Coupon Code field blank will result in the discount being automatically applied to all applicable carts, and entering a code into the field will result in the discount only being applied when the entered code is used on the cart page.

    Additionally, should you use the Coupon Code option, you can limit the usage of this discount by checking the Limit Usage checkbox and specifying the maximum number of times the Coupon Code may be used.
  • Active
    This is the main on/off switch for the discount. To completely disable it, simply uncheck the box. If the box is checked, then the discount may be applied to carts as per the specified criteria above.
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