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Mintox is an adaptive Work OS for entrepreneurs who want 360-degree control of their business.

By enabling team collaboration, consolidation of data, & communication into one work productivity platform, Mintox gives total visibility and business intelligence, to enable data-smart decision making.

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Build your own apps in minutes!

Easily build, run, scale, and manage your business on one platform.

  • Sales & CRM

    Manage sales pipeline & customers in one place.

    • Lead Management
    • Sales Tracking
    • Contact & Client Management
    • Client 360 Insights
    • Relationship Management
  • Software Development

    One workspace for your development team.

    Keep your communication updated and fresh using either a single author or a multi author blog. Publish content quickly and easily, encourage social sharing of your content and boost your SEO rankings and traffic. Categorise and tag your blog posts with integrated authorship, schedule content publication and allow users to comment and provide feedback.

  • Project Management

    Plan, track & manage your team.

    The Portfolio Solution is the most effective way of displaying your products, projects and achievements to potential customers in an appealing and engaging format. Easily create and update your portfolio from simple photo galleries through to comprehensive product inventories. The Portfolio Solution can be easily upgraded to Mintox’s e-Commerce Solution to further grow your business online.

  • Marketing & Creative

    Manage and share important files & documents, confidently and securely.

    The File Sharing Solution allows you to set highly specific permission levels when granting organisations, suppliers and individuals access to your files, all within a fully branded and restricted area. The system can be incorporated into your website or set up as a standalone site. Drag and drop files, maintain an easily auditable file history and bulk notify users when new documents become available.

  • Central Communications

    Email, messaging, chat, VOIP, social all in one place

    Safely and securely accept credit card payments for your invoices online. Customers can pay outstanding invoices via your website and our system will notify you when the transactions have been successful. You can then easily reconcile the online payment against your physical invoices and internet payment gateway.

  • e-Commerce

    Build, manage and grow a successful online shop.

    No matter the size and complexity of your business, a feature rich online shopping cart with full e-commerce capabilities and simple User Interface will lead to greater customer loyalty, increased sales and reduced cart abandonment rates. Mintox gives you complete control to add and manage an unlimited number of products, accept secure card payments, apply discounts and coupons, manage customers and process orders and fulfillment.

  • Human Resources

    Recruit, onboard & your employees with ease.

    Post classified job ads and descriptions and allow applicants to submit their CV’s online. The Jobs Solution can be used as an entire job board site or as a way of managing and automating your business’ recruitment process.

  • Community Management

    Manage your community, subscriptions & engagement.

    The Directory Solution can be integrated as a component of your website or function as a standalone. Generate comprehensive business listings that are easily searchable by service, region, location and post-code with detailed business profile pages and Google Map integration. The Directory can be as simple as a postcode search and listing of corporate locations or work as a niche business directory that builds and engages a community. The Directory solution provides a comprehensive framework for relevant and up-to-date business content as well as generating ad revenue and membership revenue.

  • Global Operations

    Connect, Collaborate through 360-degree operational management.

    The Training Solution is designed for web, mobile and smart devices and eliminates the time, costs and resources associated with traditional face-to-face delivery of inductions, training and study programs. Mintox allows you to build highly customisable and branded training programs that incorporate sound and video. The system is highly auditable against legislative requirements, allowing you to track results, incorporate exams and generate scores.


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Our team is busy building a next generation platform, that boosts productivity, increase profitability and engages teams. If you have an business or organization that would like to register for our beta testing phase, please complete our registration form.

Beta Release on schedule for April 2022.

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What Makes Mintox Awesome?

The power of Mintox lies in its adaptive, scalable technology.

  • User Friendly and Intuitive

    The interface is extremely intuitive and our clients are frequently commenting on how quick and easy it is to use, from the newcomers through to the tech savvy. One of the main benefits is that you can use Mintox with little or no training required.

  • A Platform for Innovation

    Mintox is a platform for innovation that puts the power back in your hands. Many of our clients have combined out of the box thinking with Mintox flexible feature set to create solutions for their own online goals.

  • Save Yourself Precious Time

    Time is money. With Mintox easy-to-use technology you can design and build an online presence in no time and start achieving online results instantly.

  • Feature Loaded

    Mintox has one of the most advanced and versatile levels of functionality of its kind and the more experienced you become with Mintox, the more features you will discover.

  • Free Software Upgrades

    As a Mintox customer you’ll receive continuous software updates and feature enhancements to ensure you have the very latest technology to run your business. Mintox cloud based software means that there is no need to download updates.

  • 0% Transaction and Commission Fees

    With Mintox there are no hidden extras. We don’t charge you transaction or commission fees for any e-Commerce activity, making Mintox an extremely cost effective e-Commerce provider.

  • Scalable, Adaptive and Flexible

    Mintox is designed to grow and adapt with your business. There is no need to keep re-investing in software, Mintox allows you to keep pace with your industry’s changing requirements or scale to integrate with other Mintox Solutions.

  • Integration with Third Party Systems

    Mintox is built to be compatible with third party APIs to ensure high-performance integration. Developers can integrate Mintox with all kinds of systems, which means that Mintox can fit into existing workflows as well as adapt to new ones.

  • Generate New Business and Increase Sales

    Mintox’s advanced framework is designed to help you get more traffic, increase sales and lead generation.

  • Get Results Fast

    Mintox includes everything you need to rank highly in search engine results, increase traffic and convert visits into sales.

  • Looks Matter

    Whoever said looks don’t matter was lying. Create a stunning website with our range of eye-catching themes or engage one of our Mintox designers to customise a beautiful design tailored to your brand. Check out our client showcase for inspiration.

  • User Feedback Agile Development

    Your feedback drives the development of new features within Mintox, which in turn benefits all users. Mintox is built using Agile development methodology so we can deliver fast, high quality features and improvements.

  • Free Enterprise Hosting

    Mintox hosting is secure, stable and completely scalable to your organisation’s needs and is all included under a Mintox licence. The cloud-based service seamlessly scales to handle millions of transactions and provides exceptional performance and outstanding reliability at 99.9% uptime.

  • Automatic Backups

    Your website is automatically backed up on our servers daily so your content is always safe, secure and up-to-date. We have a rapid recovery feature for added security in the event that you should you lose any data.

  • Military Grade Security

    All Mintox websites are hosted with the highest possible physical and network security including 256BIT SSL. Our servers are fully PCI and HIPAA compliant and are ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate and SAS 70 Type II certified.

  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

    CDNs dramatically decrease load times by distributing files to servers all over the world. This leads to more satisfied customers and better search engine rankings.


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About Mintox

Since its humble beginnings in 1997, Mintox has evolved from a flexible content management system into a high end, multi-faceted cloud-based platform. Mintox is a platform for innovation and creativity that enables businesses to reach their full potential online and is built to scale and adapt as they grow.

Mintox redefines what an organization can do within a website or web application. Mintox eliminates the need for multiple software applications. Its adaptability to different user requirements breaks the mold of conventional web-based software.


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